So. What Do Our Clients Think?

Here at So.Social Media we work with over 30 companies across the UK. But if we were you, we'd want to know if all these clients were happy with the support, management and development they receive. Take a look at our client testimonials and decide for yourself.

Harts of Monmouth

Lingerie Retailer, Monmouth, UK

"So.Social Media have really increased our online profile. We have been both surprised and delighted to see our page likes and level of engagement increase so quickly. We especially love all the graphics and how streamlined and professional everything is looking throughout our social media platforms"

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Hair By Jones

Boutique Hairdresser, Monmouth, UK

"So Social Media have really boosted our social media following and so quickly too. We are seeing new customers every day who have learnt about us from social media, it’s great. They have useful, creative ideas which really work for independent businesses"

Llanfoist Car Sales

Auto Retailer, Abergavenny, UK

"The difference that So.Social Media have made to our Facebook and Twitter accounts is fantastic. We actually sell cars through social media, something we never thought we'd be able to do. And it's all thanks to So.Social Media. They produce professional graphics and videos at no extra charge and really help our business take on the big boys"


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