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Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger Hit by Massive Outage: Meta Platforms Grind to a Halt

Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger have experienced significant downtime, pointing to a major disruption at their parent company, Meta.

Users have been met with issues loading the apps and websites. On Facebook, many have reported being unexpectedly logged out and unable to access the platform, while Instagram was completely non-functional.

The logout alerts are causing widespread alarm among users, with many fearing their accounts have been compromised, leading to a flurry of anxious discussions on Twitter/X. However, these error messages seem to stem from a glitch in Facebook's login system rather than a cyberattack or hacking incident.

Meta doesn't maintain official status pages for its consumer-facing services and has not provided any updates on the outage through its official channels, including Twitter/X, at the time.

Outage tracking site Down Detector is recording extensive disruptions for Instagram, Facebook, and Messenger, with reports coming in globally, hinting at a potential worldwide outage.

While Meta does have a status page for its business offerings, such as advertising on Facebook and Instagram, it showed no issues with any services.

WhatsApp, another Meta-owned platform, seemed to be operating without any problems.


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