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Lawmakers unveil bill to thwart Russian election ads on social media.

Tech companies may soon have to work with lawmakers on the ‘ad-disclosure bill’.

This is in a bid to make it harder for Russia to secretly interfere with future U.S. elections, ‘by forcing social media companies to disclose the buyers of political ads’. Major online platforms such as Facebook and Google would have to keep records of people who even attempted to buy a political advertisement, the advertisement itself and how many people viewed it online.

"We understand that election security is national security, and we know Russian threats to national security don't always involve traditional weapons of war," Klobuchar said at a news conference in the Capital.

U.S. laws and political campaigns have not yet managed to keep up with the swift advances of technology the world is offering. This allows adversaries to take advantage of this loophole to influence millions of American voters.

Facebook provided investigators with 3,000 Russian linked advertisements, many of which actively showed racial and social animosity. These were all running on the social platform while the election campaigns were running.

The media giants prepare to testify on November 1st, to listen how Russia used their platforms to interfere in how Americans voted.

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