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Social media may be getting stricter

Google and Facebook could be forced to take responsibility for everything posted on their sites as Government considers 'crackdown'.

Stricter rules could be enforced by ministers to make internet giants responsible for everything that is posted on their sites. They could be made to uphold the same rules as newspapers; this bids to keep children safer online.

Each company could be seen to spend millions of pounds on education in schools. Internet safety lessons are to be implemented to teach children about the dangers of the internet; such as posting naked pictures or sending them to people they have met online. Karen Bradley MP fears young people are at increased risk when using the internet, due to lack of education.

Currently, media platforms such as Google and Facebook cannot be sued for any of the content posted on their sites because it is written by individuals or groups, who are held to account. Unlike newspapers and other publishers who are held fully responsible.

Google and Facebook and other social media platforms have been reprimanded in the past for not taking posts containing sexist, racist and terrorist material and child pornography on their sites seriously enough. To address these concerns, the chairman of Ofcom has said businesses such as these should be classed as publishers and should thoroughly police what is being posted to their sites and become responsible for any dubious material found.

With the internet giants taking more responsibility in what is posted to their sites it could hopefully help crack down on cyber-bullying, also. By educating children and young people on how to better protect themselves on the internet; the Government could help make “Britain the safest place in the world to be online”.


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